Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handbook of Leadership:

Theory, Research & Managerial Applications by Bass & Stogdill. (3rd ed. 1990)

This Reference-type book can also be a great source of browsing and reading. Leadership is such a fascinating topic. We are all intrigued by leaders and how they got to where they are. People are regularly studying leadership and how the concept is applied. It's inspiring to see how great leaders such as Churchill, Lincoln and many others overcame great personal setbacks and obstacles to rise to the positions they once held. Includes a glossary, index and a lengthy references section with hundreds of sources.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nerds on Wall Street

:Math, Machines, and Wired Markets by David J. Leinweber

While reviewing books recently I ran across this one. (As a business librarian I have the pleasurable task of reviewing business books that make their way to the Bruno Business Library via our Approval Plan...but that's enough library talk...I don't want to put you to sleep!)

I later looked on Amazon and read some of the reviews and was further intrigued. It received some great reviews and appears to be an entertaining, yet educational, read.

You are probably aware that there has been a lot of talk lately regarding flash trading. My last post was about this topic.

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